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Item: OA.0100
This stylised carving has a representation of a human figure which is detachable, and are referred to in literature as a “Soul-Boat” (Bodrogi, 1959; Spiegel, 1971). This example dates from the late 19th to early 20th century. It was collected on the Trobriand Islands by a visiting dentist, approximately 1930.
Bodrogi, T., 1959. Oceanic Art. Budapest. p.200.
Spiegel, H., 1971. Soul-boats in Melanesia: A study in diffusion. Archaeology and Physical Anthropology. VI: p.34 – 43.
Dimensions: 29 cm wide, 22 cm tall (n: 11.5 and 9 inches)
Condition: Patina darkened in part, and fading on some surfaces. Evidence of lime-fill to surface decoration. A small loss of timber the upper surface of the left projection of the boat. 
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