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Melville and Bathurst Islands, during the last ice-age, were likely to have been part of the greater Australian land mass, when the sea levels were considerably lowered than present day. With the ice-age that started 21,000 years ago, ending around 10,000 years ago (Tindale, 1974). Since then there was steady raise in sea levels that eventually isolated the two islands from the mainland. This allowed for their culture, and artistic expression to evolve slightly differently to those on the mainland; to include their monumental ceremonial Pukumani poles.
This iron wood Pukumani pole made likely in the 1970s.
84.5 cm - 92 cm, including stand (nr: 33 inches - 36 inches)
Tindale, N.B., 1974. Aboriginal Tribes of Australia. Australian National University Press, Canberra. 1-404 p; supplementary map.
Condition: good
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