Colonial-beer-bottle, collectible-beer, Beck’s-Lager, Lohmann-&-Co, A.E.-&-F.-Tolley, Lionel-Samson-&-Son, Brabant-&-Co, Burns-Philip-&-Co.-Ltd.
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Item: AO587 
Rare with labels is this late nineteenth century to early 20th century Beck’s Lager beer bottle with front and back labels and possibly the original cork. Bottle is with an applied top indicating the bottle was individually made. The first process was to for the glassblower with a rod of tubular metal blow the molten glass blob into the form of the bottle in a two-part mould, after breaking it free from the metal rod; after the top was hand applied strong enough to hold a compressed cork.
Height, 31.5 cm (excluding cork).
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