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Item: OA112
The ceremonial artist expression of the Gogodala people that live in the area of the Aramia River (Myer, 1995), Western Province of the Papuan Gulf are refined and colourfully decorated (Myer, 1995).  These three-dimensional dance masks are less common than the typical oval, flat board type. Both types have pierced edges that are canned, for the attachment of feathers. This example, most certainly is from the 1970s, the beginning of a revival of their art, after a period from the early 20th century when their culture went into decline with the arrival of missionaries. Mounted on a practical stand.
Reference: Meyer, A.J.P., 1995. Oceanic Art. Neue Stalling, Oldenburg, Germany. 2 Vol. 1 – 640 pp.
Carving: 40.8 cm tall (nr: 14 inches). 
Condition: Minor marks on surfaces; left ear with chip and some minor wear to edges.
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