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Delittle_York_Print_Block, Delittle_York_Poster,Delittle_York_Print_Block, Delittle_York_Poster,Delittle_York_Print_Block, Delittle_York_Poster,
Item: AO556
Delittle of York, UK were a family business that had its roots in the late 19th century, specializing in high-quality, small run print jobs, that included posters. They developed many innovative methodologies and carving their own printing blocks. This rare and very desirable dancing couple silhouette, with balloons, is special. Stamped ‘DELITTLE YORK’ in five places.
Image: 21 x 9.3 cm x 20.4 cm (nr: 8.25 x 3.6 x 1 inches).     
Condition: Good; used condition with remnant black pigment staining.
Price: AUD$160.